On Afghan Voice Radio, Youthopia with Elaha


On 18th October 2014, I was interviewed by Elaha Walizadeh on Afghan Voice Radio; the interview covered a range of topics including my experience with setting up the AhlulBayt Society at University of Birmingham, the racist/sexist bullying of NUS BSO Malia Bouattia, and apologism among Muslims in the UK over IS and other terrorist groups.

The show lasts an hour including songs, but 13:33 to 22:57 is really the best bit, discussing Malia and the problems with Muslims condemning ISIS.

Below is a link to the podcast, if you’re on a PC/laptop:


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“I’m not British and I don’t want to be” – Channel 4 News story by Assed Baig



In September I contributed to this short documentary for independent journalist Assed Baig, which aired on Channel 4 News (UK) on 28th October 2014. While the link is up on YouTube I thought I’d post it here. It features candid testimonies from British Muslims in Birmingham on their feeling of alienation and disillusionment with the British establishment and wider society, in the midst of media storms around the Trojan Hoax, Syria and ISIS.

Note: I contributed to this as a ‘participant’, i.e. a British Muslim residing in Birmingham, and have shared my personal views; my contribution was not made in an academic capacity.