So I won the Media Diversified #EightWomen Award 2014!


I don’t know how it happened, but I am grateful nonetheless.

In August 2014, I was nominated for the #EightWomen Awards which are organised by Media Diversified, an incredible initiative to recognise and honour the achievements of women of colour in the UK. The award only goes to the top eight women as decided by popular vote. So while it was heartening to be nominated, being one of around eighty nominations, among whom were many amazing women of colour, I was convinced I did not stand a realistic chance of winning the award.

And then I won.

I was and still remain overwhelmed by this achievement, and I am indebted to my dear brother Mohammed Mumit who nominated me, as well as everyone who voted for me in the poll and thought me worthy of the award. To win this recognition alongside phenomenal sisters such as Arzu Merali and Malia Bouattia, along with several other strong, successful, inspirational women of colour, is an honour that I still cannot get my head around.

All the winners for the 2014 awards are listed on the Media Diversified website, and below is a video montage listing the achievements of each winner. My thanks go to Media Diversified for organising such a positive initiative.


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